Optimize training investments: train employees to become trainers

Every year, companies must evaluate and decide one of the most important budgets: the training budget. Continuing education costs and more are employees, higher is the economic investment. Saving on training, however (especially in the Clinical Research field), reduces the development of new skills and the organizational and production capacity of a company. Moreover, saving on trainings negatively affects the motivation and retention of employees who consider training as an essential benefit.

How can companies develop skills, satisfy employees and optimize training investments? A solution can be found in training itself as a skill to be developed internally, ensuring a continuing dissemination and sharing of knowledge through the use of appropriate methodologies and tools. Thanks to this approach, participants in external courses become experienced trainers able to share with other colleagues what they have learned.
In this way, companies can afford to organize a greater type of external courses, subsequently guaranteeing an adequate internal sharing. Moreover, the organization of courses focused on the exchange of contents learned, allows to increase the sense of team, sharing, reflection, as well as the comparison between colleagues, increasing their innovative and creative power.

Be responsible to prepare and hold a course for other colleagues makes the collaborators more and more liable: they will follow external training with greater attention and will have to strive to immediately resume concepts learned to develop and elaborate them. However, become a trainer is not easy and those who dedicate themselves to this activity must be properly prepared.

PRINEOS can support companies in this process by organizing training activities for trainers to be carried out also remotely. Optimize your investments, make your resources responsible, increase the number of hours of internal training by improving and increasing the preparation of your collaborators!